Current Film Campaign

Our New Film

Current film project is a journalistic investigation into animal foods and their real effects on human health, sustainability and the planet.

The Conflict:

Animal foods are under constant attack as being the biggest contributor to the destruction of the environment and human health. Yet the science supporting the many negative claims and accusations is not only being being questioned as accurate, but is being used dishonestly to justify the negative attacks and rally support from the public and media.

The Solution:

With so much at stake in the race to stop environmental destruction and the rapid decline in human health, it's critical we look at every possible method to regenerate the planet in order to discover the the whole truth on these issues and set the record straight.

How you can help

Jan 24 PHD #2 Top Movies Doc.jpg

Our first filmTHE PERFECT HUMAN DIET™ January 2013s #1 Top-Selling Documentary and #1 Top-Selling Independent Film on iTunes, in both the USA and Canada.